Artwork > Oceana

Acrylic on poplar
35” x 11” x 3/4”

Whales traverse the oceans with little contestation, harmonizing with forms diverse and alien. Their immense size leaves them with few natural hazards, and so they do not exercise their reign over the realm but for feeding. Were we to forfeit our dominion over nature in politics, culture, and industry, we too could achieve peace for humanity and the individual spirit.

A commission of ‘Ūhini the humpback whale swimming with Pololia, the Hawaiian jellyfish. These marine mammals are known to drape sea jellies atop their rostrums and tubercles while surfacing. Similar demonstrations are of humpback whales draping kelp across their flanks and flippers; engagements with invertebrates and plantlife may signify behaviors in curiosity or tactile play.