• MEGAPTERA Solo Exhibition

    MEGAPTERA Solo Exhibition

    MEGAPTERA is a collection of sculptural paintings exploring the anatomy, behavior, and threats to Humpback whales in the Anthropocene.
    This body of work is influenced by the wildlife experiences of naturalist and artist, Richard W Dolan.

    Join yours truly for an opening reception at PRISM art gallery on Friday, February 10th at 5-9pm Maui time.
    The exhibition runs February 10th-17th.

    PRISM Gallery
    658 Wharf Street
    Suite #185
    Lahaina, HI 96762

  • 2021 Maui Studio Residency

    2021 Maui Studio Residency

    As of October 2021 the artist studio has been relocated to the island of Maui in the Hawai'i archipelago. The studio residency coincides with the next chapter as a whale watch naturalist, aligning with the migration of Humpback whales from the northern feeding grounds of Alaska and British Columbia. After several years observing fauna on Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, this is the first season observing Humpback whales in a northern hemisphere breeding habitat.

  • The Carpenter and the Whale

    The Carpenter and the Whale

    The Carpenter and the Whale is the first solo exhibition for sculptures constructed during the global pandemic. These pieces reflect a diversity of fauna ranging from ocean sunfish and white sharks to various baleen whale species. Depicted from unusual visual perspectives and exploring subtleties in physiology, conservation issues such as entanglement are invoked in awakening detail.

    The show is hosted at Friday Harbor Atelier, a workspace and gallery operated by artists of San Juan Island. The show is curated by the artist and runs the last week of September 2021. This new collection of 26 pieces is created from local lumber sourced by Egg Lake Sawmill.

  • 2021 San Juan Island Residency

    2021 San Juan Island Residency

    The studio residency on the Salish Sea has been extended a second season, and efforts are being made to incorporate large scale sculptures on the waterfront of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, WA. This glacial outcrop is a hunting ground for transient and resident orcas, in addition to a population of humpback whales recovering from whaling in the early 20th century. The history of this marine habitat resonates with my body of work, and public sculptures will further encourage conservation awareness in a growing tourism destination.

    Artistic efforts are made possible by grant collaboration with Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

  • 2020 Whale and Dolphin Conservation Grant

    2020 Whale and Dolphin Conservation Grant

    In the summer of 2020, Tails of Stellwagen was generously commissioned by Whale and Dolphin Conservation, a nonprofit organization whose goals are to create healthy seas, prevent pycatch, end captivity, and stop whaling. This grant project will provide WDC with interactive whale sculptures that embody conservation ideas.

  • 2019 Carole A. Carlson Whale Watch Naturalist Award

    2019 Carole A. Carlson Whale Watch Naturalist Award

    Humbled to be the two-time recipient of the Carole A. Carlson Whale Watch Naturalist Award. Over the 2018 season, Tails of Stellwagen explored the use of illustrations and models to communicate with whale watch passengers. Hand-carved tails,each enhanced with whiteboard paint and specialized tools, promote understanding of Humpback whale fluke patterns through physical engagement.

    Models constructed in the previous season were donated to 20 educators, whale watch operations, and naturalists at the 2019 Naturalist Conference in Provincetown, MA. Generous support from Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the Center for Coastal Studies, and Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch will support further collaborations!

  • 2018 Carole A. Carlson Whale Watch Naturalist Education Award

    2018 Carole A. Carlson Whale Watch Naturalist Education Award

    Grateful to be the first recipient of the 2018 Carole A. Carlson Whale Naturalist Education Award, for my work with art as an educational tool. This grant will fund Tails of Stellwagen, for the construction of models and learning tools to communicate across language and sensory barriers. These 3-dimensional resources will be shared with whale watches of New England, and beyond. Thank you to Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the Center for Coastal Studies, and Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch for this honor, and to Carole A. Carlson for all she did for whale conservation and composing the naturalist workshop community.

    This project will be posted under Sculpture on my website.

    (Photograph taken of artist under Spinnaker, a Humpback whale who died at age 11 from entanglement in active fishing gear. Photo credit: Laura J Howes)

  • Scientific Illustration Show
    FE Gallery
    1100 65th Street
    Sacramento, CA 95819
    February 10th- March 23rd, 2018

    My fluke illustrations "Crisscross", "Sundown", and "Shuffleboard" were selected for exhibition at the Scientific Illustration show at the FE Gallery in Sacramento, CA!

    Assistant Curator: Samantha Lyman
    FE Gallery

  • “COLLECTIVE”: The First Annual Galatea Fine Art’s Juried Exhibition

    My most recent work, "Milk Owl", has been accepted to "Collective" at Galatea Fine Art.

    The exhibit runs August 6th through the 29th 2010.
    The opening reception is on Friday August 6th, 6 to 9pm.
    Juried by Dina Deitsch, Assistant Curator at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.

    Galatea Fine Arts
    460 B Harrison Ave.
    Boston, MA. 02118
    Hours are 12 to 6pm Wed. through Fri. 12 to 5pm Sat. and Sun.
    Ph: 617-542-1500

  • Exposure

    I am going to have recent drawings and paintings displayed in Exposure at the Ceres Gallery.
    The show will run from December 14-20, 2009.

    Ceres Gallery
    547 West 27th Street Suite 201
    New York, NY 10001

    Director: Stefany Benson
    phone and fax: 212-947-6100
    email: art@ceresgallery.org