Artwork > Oceana

Acrylic on poplar
11 1/2” x 37” x 3/4”

Owl is a humpback whale of formidable will and unspoken wisdom, surviving a grievous collision with a vessel to produce two calves in the successive seasons. The creature is known well in Stellwagen Bank by scar tissue encompassing her dorsal flank; an emblem to her perseverance amongst a sea churned by fishing and shipping traffic.

The body language of this figuration suggests Owl is protecting herself, her pectoral flippers folded in rigidity. The elongation of her pose is simultaneously reminiscent of a trust fall. Her ventral pleats and flukes are exposed to our gaze, while her rostrum is veiled beyond curious eyes.

This is a dance of vulnerability and guardedness; a waltz familiar to some dancers who courted love, loss, and reentry during the pandemic and beyond.

My compositions always are imbued with a hidden truth, but a new orbit around the sun calls for a renewed breath of honestly with oneself and the world.