Artwork > Fluke Sculptures

Acrylic on sandwood
48” x 20” x 3/4”

‘Ūhini is a title affectionately bestowed upon the Humpback whale HW-MN0522264, who is photographed in both mating grounds of Maui and the Sea of Cortez. Her northern trajectories to feeding habitats are yet to be documented.

First sighted in 2020, this female rorqual is known to approach and chaff against vessels, evident by scarring encompassing the dorsal flank and extremities of her body.

Adorned in the white frost of old wounds and cicatrix of cookie cutter sharks, this humpback bears a tome of battered parchment. Her story evolves as a living painting.

‘Ūhini is enigmatic in age and calving history, but her genial presence will be archived in the coming seasons of research and sculptures.